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Rapid Set for Winter Cement Masonary/Concreting in Kashmir

Furthermore Haamid Mufti emphasized that the strength quotient of Rapid Set is even better than all common OPC 53 grade cement. Rapid Set Cement is very fast setting 53 OPC cement used in concrete applications requiring the highest durability and fastest strength gain. Rapid Set Cement may be mixed with a wide variety of aggregates to produce customized One-Hour setting concrete or mortar mixtures. This High Strength, low shrinkage, and superior durab properties of Rapid St Cement lead to unparallel concrete performance on projects including Highways, Bridges, Runways, Sidewalks, and floors and off course ready mix or volumetric mixer equipment. Rapid Set Cement has a proven record of successful projects.

Rapid Set is suitable for vertical and overhead applications and is a high performance blend of Rapid Set cement. Rapid Set is non-metallic and no chlorides are added. Rapid Set is similar in appearance to Protland cement based mortars and may be applied using similar methods having optimal level of setting within permissible limits of OPC with extra strength that is what rapid set means?

This Mr. Haamid Mufti said in answer to a query raised by certain experts for knowing its advantages and preferential reasons.

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