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Welcome to cemtac Cement Company and their associated companies. We are a leading manufacturer of cement and construction materials in j&k.

Our products are all around us, providing strength and durability to buildings of soaring dimensions, in infrastructure that speeds the lines of commerce, and for housing that provides comfort and security to families across j&k. The cemtac name in cement industry means high quality, and technical excellence. Our associated companies adhere to the same demanding standards as they supply related construction materials such as ready mixed concrete, aggregates, concrete block and pre-stressed concrete units. Our companies enjoy a long history and respected reputation in kashmir. On a global scale, we are proud to be a major contributor to the cemtac Cement Group, a prominent worldwide producer of construction materials

Kashmir usually remains paralyzed for almost four months. This is particularly true so far as construction work is concerned. Construction work comes to grinding halt with the onset of chill. The reason is obvious. It is not that masons do not work but they do not have material available which would gurantee their labour bearing fruits.

It is with this backdrop that Cemtac Cements initiated a move to create technology which has resulted in manufacture of a brand of cement with Rapid Set. This Rapid Set technology is very successful in the European countries where winters are harsher than what we have in Kashmir.

The management of Cemtac Cements proudly announces the launch of this unique product which according to them is highly suited for civil/construction work during winters. The management conducted a survey among the masons, contractors and civil engineers and ended up with the result that this brand of cement is all set to change the nature of civil/construction culture in the valley. Cemtac Cement is going to be all weather friendly for taking Kashmir o new heights. One of the directors of Construction Company Namely Construction Engineers Mr. Sajad admitted that ‘this is an amazing product which we could have never been thought of before and, our batch mix plant (ready mix concrete plant) used to remain idle during winter season but thanks to Rapid set technology for bringing in this innovation.

Again Mr. Parvez Ahmad Dar project Director of valecha Engineering said ‘this is a real gift to the people of Kashmir and admitted that this will usher in a new era for construction in Kashmir. While talking about this unique product General Manager marketing of Cemtac Cements Haamid Mufti explained the technical and seasonal benefits of Rapid Set and the long term time saving benefits and most importantly the employment benefit to the labour community.

Rapid Set for Winter Cement Masonary/Concreting in Kashmir

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